Lune Valley Ocean Wavers Square Dance Club


Lune Valley Ocean Wavers was formed 17 years ago.  We now have approaching 100 members from Beginner through Mainstream to Plus grades.  We are the only North West England entry-programme club within 70 miles.  Our name, Lune Valley Ocean Wavers, is derived from one of the basic square dance moves.  The club welcomes new dancers for enrolment about every two years.


Square dancing helps keep you fit.  It's a low impact activity requiring constant movement and directional changes which will keep you in shape.  In an hour of dancing you can burn off a lot of calories.  Square dancing is a mental challenge as well as physical exercise.  You have to react quickly to the caller, so you need to concentrate.  This will take your mind off your worries.  You are constantly learning new moves but in an easy and enjoyable way.  You make friends and have a lot of fun and enjoyment at the same time.


We dance at Plus level on Friday evenings at Victoria Institute, Caton.  We also dance at Mainstream level on Monday evenings at the Centre @ Halton.  Both evenings start at 7.30 pm and finish at 10.00 pm.


Annual Member ship is £7.50 and each attendance is £3.50.


We hold dances on a Saturday evening, three throughout the year.


Contact details:  The Secretary, Sheila Court email